Frequently Asked Questions

To apply to the help desk for assistance, the applicant’s salary should be below QR 1800.
Fill in the “Application Form for Help” which is available at the help desk at the Indian Embassy. (from 6 PM to 8 PM) The forms can be downloaded from this site and printed.
Attach a copy of the passport and the necessary documents based on the nature of help sought.
For deportees from the deportation center, the file number and the intimation from the Deportation center are required. This would normally be provided either by the deportation authorities or the ICBF person following up the deportation cases.
In the case of patients with chronic illness, Hospital or Doctor’s certificate with the medical findings / reports are to be attached to substantiate the reason. This in turn shall be reviewed and recommended by the Doctor’s from ICBF committee.
For the legal cases or any disputes with the sponsors first inform the Indian Embassy stating the problem and the type of assistance. Indian Embassy through the Labour Attache contacts the Company / Sponsor to settle the dispute amicably. Otherwise they would recommend to ICBF to provide the legal assistance upon which ICBF would help to find a lawyer for filing the case.

All the documents which would support the case of the candidate need to be provided based on the requirements by the Lawyer.
Since this would depend on the nature of the problem, normally a committee member would advise or if he is convinced would recommend for financial assistance. Like for stranded labourers or in the event of non -payment of salaries, at the recommendation of Embassy or ICBF President, Food supplies and other essential items would be provided.
Following documents are required which are enumerated at the “Indian Embassy Site”.